Our History

In the early years a small group of local boys met regularly above a shop or in the Church Hall in Kidsgrove, following the ideas of Baden Powell.

In 1914 Edward Burke, known as ‘Pop’ amongst the boys started to lead the Troop and Scouting grew in popularity in Kidsgrove, attracting youngsters from Goldenhill, Butt Lane, Talke Pitts and surrounding areas.

By the 1920’s the Troop were holding regular camps at Bathpool, Clough Hall and Somerford Park with annual camps further afield to Blackpool, Wales and Ireland.  Whilst on camp in Rhyl in 1924, the boys decided to enter a local marching band competition and won – the trophy being a silver bugle.

Soon ‘Pop’ achieved his ambition for the Troop to have it’s own headquarters.  A metal ‘A’ frame was purchased and land rented from the local council (next to where the Workingmen’s Club stands today).  The Troop survived through both World Wars despite loosing leaders and Scouts to the services, some who unfortunately never returned.  Throughout this time Pop remained dedicated in leading the Troop.

In 1960, the Troop dealt with a devasting double blow.  Pop passed away and the headquarters he had worked so hard to establish was lost to a fire along with all of the equipment.

The boys grew strength through their friendships and commitment to Scouting and set about fundraising for equipment and a new HQ.  Thanks to the support and dedication of family and friends a new headquarters was purchased on The Avenue.

The Group then grew from strength to strength with expanding Cub and Scout sections along with the marching band.

In 1969 the Group dealt with a second fire which destroyed the new HQ, camping equipment and musical instruments.  The Group raised more funds and built a brand new HQ, naming in Burke Hall in memory of Pop.

In the 1980’s the Group continued to host annual carnivals in Kidsgrove, introduced Beaver Colonies to the Group and welcomed the first female Girl Scouts in 1990.  Today the Group are thriving with members, an even wider range of facilities and continue to be committed to the local community providing activities and opportunities for youngsters whilst celebrating our history.