A Model of 1st Kidsgrove Scouts through the decades

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This amazing model of ‘1st Kidsgrove Scouts throughout the decades’ has been created by Vice President, Tony Hancock.

Starting in the late 1940’s this part of the model represents camping in that era, with army style tents and uniforms typical of that time.  It even includes a ‘light up’ campfire.

Scouts model 1940 camp

This is an overview of the entire model and shows the differences in uniforms, tents and activities available at Kidsgrove Scouts.

Scouts model overall Scouts model raft

This part of the model shows the ‘cart’ which was used by Scouts many years ago to transport equipment to different sites. The Scouts close to the ‘cart’ are decorated in the Senior Scouts uniform of the early 1960’s.  In the background, the Scouts depict the 1980’s and are ready to parade carrying flags.

Scouts model cart

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